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The Ideal Home Page –


The Ideal Home Page –

28-12-2020,    EvermolPro

Homepage; as the name says it all, it’s the first thing that anyone notices in a website. It creates the first impression in the users' or the customers’ mind, on how they will see your website as.
Maybe, you came up with a great idea or you do provide great services at any field, your target Field, and want to open it to the world, to let them know your ideas, or to provide them with your services. To tell them about why they should accept your ideas. Or maybe you want to make a career in digital marketing, using 
Ecommerce. Whatever your motive may be, the first thing you’ll need is a website to connect with people all around the world.and the website starts by showing the home page first.

it’s the very first thing anyone will notice while entering the website, before they see your content.

And always remember, first impressions are always critical, as it is said that, first impressions never get a second chance. It can create an amazing viewpoint 0f your website, which can lead to your success, or can also create an havoc in your dreams, destroying it completely, by putting down the value of your website.

All of this depends on your homepage, on how you design it, on how you portray your organization. And by homepage, we don’t just mean the theme, the headers and all. It refers to the complete first look that your website creates in anyone’s mind.

How to create that... ?


Well, you’re at the correct place. We will give you important tips on how to create an Ideal Home Page for your website.

❖ Set up a Plan -- The first thing you need to keep in mind before designing your homepage, or before choosing a theme for your homepage, is to set a plan. Make your idea clear in your mind. Set a solid and effective plan of what you exactly want to use your website for, and how you’re going to show up your ideas or services. Set your goals and objectives clear in your mind. Make points of what you need to emphasize more on. Brand awareness, your uniqueness, customers satisfaction, it includes everything. As questions to yourself as :

What your target market is?

Who are your audience?

What they want to see first?

What attracts their attention?

What will make them choose you over someone else?

You must have a clear view of your mission, vision, on where you want to look yourself at, after some years, and your primary goals. Set it clear.

❖ Analyse your audience – see if you can group your audience with different tags. That means, to categorize who comes to your website for what reason, grouping them according to their needs and what you can do to turn them into your customer or subscriber. For example, if you have a site for clothing, then you can categorize the different groups as Men, Women, Small retailers and so on.

❖ List out their needs – Make a list for what each category of your audience needs. How much density they contribute to your company customers or organization. Think about what can you offer to turn them into your customer. Create content according to the needs of each group. This way you can focus on all the groups of customers that needs your services. Create content for each of them, prioritizing their needs and requirements.

❖ Navigation – If your site doesn’t have good navigation features, you lose the game. It is the most important thing. If your customers feel lost in your website, not finding any clue on where to go next, then they exit and may never return again to your website. Make sure you give them a clear view on what should they do in order to solve their issues and taking your services. Provide them with a sitemap or something that make navigation easier.

❖ The elements included in the design – The main elements that is must for your homepage design are listed here- The header must include the Logo, the tagline, the links to social media, menu, and the core homepage must include site overview, deals, and the recent blog posts. The website footer must comprise of the widgets to go to the core contents, the sitemap, contact information, terms and conditions, and copyright.

❖ Redefine your homepage and create it – Make your homepage easy to read and scan. Make sure it states clearly about your organization or company’s services and personas. It should answer the requirements of the customer in search. It must answer how you cam provide the services they need. And why they should work with you or take services from you. If you had cleared all these checklists then you’re ready to go.

Create the homepage and hand over your content to the world, portray your services or ideas and be successful.

These tips will surely help you to create the ideal homepage.

Contact us for designing such websites and developing amazing websites for your company. Evermolpro does it all. We’d be glad to help you with any queries you have.

Thank you for visiting.

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