Blog : How to write content for user and search engine for Google optimization?

How to write content for user and search engine for Google optimization?


How to write content for user and search engine for Google optimization?

25-11-2020,    EvermolPro

A website is the face of an organization that works digitally. No matter what medium we use, communication is the key.

A website communicate with the customers or the users searching for any query related to the content on the website, through the content they publish. The users search for, rather to gain any service provided or to satiate their query on anything.

Search engines are answer machines. When we search for anything on any search engine, say Google, we get the information needed. Have you ever thought how does that happen..?


In SEO, the O part stands for Optimization. Which is done by the people who write the content and put in on their site gussying the content and the sites up so that search engines can find them.

This includes many things such as

• Using effective keywords

• Using meta descriptions

• Using title tags etc.

The crawlers organize the content found from each URL they find. Once a page is in their index, the content are ranked in order to provide the best answer for the searcher's query. They are ordered by most relevant to least relevant.

The Google bot collect the URLs of new web pages and add it to their Index called – Caffeine, which is a massive database of discovered URLs.

If you want your content to be found by search engines, you have to make sure it is accessible to crawlers and is Indexible, showing up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

If you want to get an insight on whether your content is getting indexed you can check it on “”, which is an advanced search operator. For more accurate results you can use the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console account.

Some methods to get crawlers find your important page are –

• Don’t ask users to login or fill forms before accessing the content. The crawlers won’t be logging in if you do so, and your site won’t get indexed.

• Don’t rely on search forms

. • Don’t use text on non-text content that you want to be indexed

. • Don’t use a mobile navigation that shows different results than your desktop navigation.

• Don’t forget to link to a primary page in your website through navigation.

Utilize Sitemaps –

Sitemaps are a list of URLs on your site that crawlers can use to discover and index your content. One of the way is to submit your site map to Google Search Console.

If you believe that a page of yours that was previously in Google index is no longer showing you can use URL inspection tool.

Next step is to enrich your content with the keywords.

Before you write a content for a site ask yourself, what is the site for, who their customers are and what are their goals...

Then while conducting a keyword research you need to ask yourself

• What words the searcher use for your niche

. • What questions they ask

• Where are the searcher/customers located – locally, nationally, or internationally

Then you know how to fulfill what your audience is searching for.

Discovering Keywords –

You have keywords like your products, services or other topics your website addresses, then you can enter them to a keyword research tool to know the average monthly search volume and other similar keywords. It tells how many times the keyword was searched for in a month.

Let us understand this with an example of a page which deals with flowers.

And your keyword is “flowers”

Then, the related keywords will be shown as,

• Wedding flowers

• Decorations with flowers

• Bridal flowers Etc.

Sometimes you can use some keywords with less search volume as they’re less competitive. Don’t under estimate these less popular keywords.

Questions are the SEO gold...!

The more you research on your niche the much better results you get out of it. This applies for SEO too.

Then you can use the researched keywords in your content to rank in the SERPs.

Using On-page SEO, Technical SEO are some methods.

You also need to learn link building and establishing authority. Links are the currency of Internet. You can use internal links(that connects internal pages of same domain) and external links.

You should be E-A-T. i.e. Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy.

Ask your clients,

• A brief history of their company.

• Monetary value of a newly qualified lead

. • Most profitable services..

And other such questions, you need to do your research on

This helps getting an overview of what that site’s audience search or would search for.

Use Google Insights to get an detailed insight of the traffic on your website.

Ask yourself, do your titles and meta descriptions do a good job of summarizing the content of each page..?

Page speed also matters.

Always pay attention to the quality of the content. It matters the most. To meet the target market's needs.

Following these methods are the ways of professional SEOs. You can learn it by dedication and if you’re interested in a certain thing you can certainly grow in that. Nothing is much difficult if you strive for it

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Thank you for reading. Hope,

you got a clear concept on how to use SEO for your content


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