Blog : Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Covid-19 Vaccine Update


Covid-19 Vaccine Update

01-12-2020,    EvermolPro

One word is heard everywhere, since the beginning of this year. Covid-19 or Corona Virus....!! 

The widespread of this pandemic began this February, slowly invading the whole world with the beginning of March. Millions of people lost their lives and the government of every country ordered quarantine. Starting with 21 days lockdown in India, it extended to more 21 days and the lockdown continued till October

Quarantine was obeyed along with cleaning the hands regularly, maintaining hygiene and wearing mask to prevent infection.

This pandemic lead to the loss of lives of millions of people, many people lost their jobs, while others worked from home. No one could go out without the urgent need to buy any grocery or medication

Now, though it’s December, the people are still obeying the rules of wearing mask and maintaining social distance, staying at least 1.5 -2 feet apart. Schools and colleges are closed till now, and students are pursuing their education via online classes. The internet somehow helped us a lot to stay close although we were physically apart. This virus also taught us the importance of our near and dear ones, the importance of spending time with them, and also the importance of Nature. The Nature healed to a great extent due to the reduction in pollution.

Anyways, coming to the treatment of it.

The scientists worldwide tried their best to discover the vaccine for this deadly Virus. Some countries discovered some vaccines.

Let’s study about them in depth.

First of all we’ll learn some important information about what covid-19 is..!

Covid-19 is a Virus that belongs to a group of viruses called Coronaviridae. These are a group of RNA viruses that causes diseases related to respiratory tract infections in mammals and birds. There are no vaccines or treatment available for these yet. Antibiotics don’t work against viruses.

A brief history –

The first complaints against corona viruses in animals were reported in 1920s. The first human coronaviruses were discovered in 1960s.

The total number of covid19 cases have mounted 63million globally and with 1,465,024 deaths.(Dated-30-11-2020)

Coming to our country, the first case of covid-19 in India, which originated in China, was reported on 30th January 2020. And India is currently the country with most covid19 cases in Asia. And second in the whole world after US.

The first curfew was observed for 14 hours on 22nd March. Then further lockdowns were observed till June. Then the government started unlocking (barring containment zones) from June, in three phases.

In July, Indian government declared the country’s fatality rate was among the lowest in the whole world at 2.41%.

Coming to the vaccine update

Till date only two vaccines have been approved.

Sputnik-V also known as Gam-Covid-Vac developed by Moscow and approved by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on 11 August

• The second one was EpiVacCorona developed by Russia without the 3rd phase clinical trials


Other recent news –.


1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will interact with three teams currently involved in developing the wanted vaccine. The teams are Gennova Bipharma, Biological E amd Dr. Reddy's.

2. UK has agreed to buy 350 million doses of vaccines from 7 different producers.

3. Another vaccine is expected to get regulatory approval from UK government next week. The name of the vaccine is PfizerBioNTech SE coronavirus vaccine.

Hope the world heals from this pandemic soon. And we get to our regular lives again. Till then maintain the guidelines as directed by the government. Take the precautions. Maintain social distance. Stay Safe.

Hope you all are doing good !

Thank you for being here.

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