Blog : What are the essential tips that are being required to improve your website design?

What are the essential tips that are being required to improve your website design?


What are the essential tips that are being required to improve your website design?

07-07-2020,    EvermolPro

You have few seconds which made you to understand your visitors about your website landing page i.e. a website helps your visitors know about  what you are offering and what makes your products or services far different from your competitors, a website is a mirror image of your business as well as your brand hence it is quite important to see whether all the implementations that are being carried while creating the website is up to the mark and helping you to uplift your image among your competitors.


The 21st century had witnessed a great revolution in the field of technology and today every business is carrying out their process online, from shopping to marketing as well as making communication along with your dear and near ones who are sitting in different corners of the globe is becoming quite easy after adapting technology in our daily lives, without a website a business can’t be able to flourish the way it want to be hence website plays a great role in developing the image on virtual space. When it comes to designing it is quite important to know how you are framing the layout of your website as a proper layout helps you to convey the message without overwhelming visitors.

Essential Tip that is being required to improve your web design:

  • Mobile friendly and responsive: No matter how your website looks while you are opening it on your desktop or laptop it is quite important that a website should viewed properly on your mobile device as it affects the rankings in Google hence it is quite important that the website should look correct on every cellular device apart from that a website should respond similarly to every device whatever the size of the screen or the browser it should respond equally with different devices.


  • Keep the Navigation simple: It is quite important to keep the navigation of the website simple; keeping clumsy navigation makes your visitors difficult to understand on which page they likely to put the cursor. Even if your website contains lengthy content it is important to keep the navigation simpler. Remember if your website users can access the information easily it will make them to stay much longer on your web page.


  • Improve Page Speed: A website speed plays the most crucial role in making your visitors to stay longer, more than 50% of the visitors will leave the website if the loading time in opening a website takes more than 3sec, make sure that the page speed should meet the guidelines of SEO. There are several things that can be done to optimize the speed of your website:


  1. Optimize the images on your website.
  2. Optimize the plugin
  3. Optimize the wireframe as well as the themes
  4. Optimizing the Homepage of your website


  • Optimize the Content: It is quite important to remove unnecessary content from your website, a massive amount of content will affect the ranking of your website, getting rid of it if increase the performance of your website as well helping you to attract your visitors in the best possible way. It is very important to take care of the words that are being used while framing the content.


  • Having a Blog page: Having blogs on your website help you to attract your visitors more easily as it is a great way to let your audience understand about the business as well as the various initiatives that are being taken to improve the process of the organization. Blog pages help you to generate more online visitors.


  • Social sharing and Follow: The world where we live is now getting more inclined towards social networking sites as it makes them to get connected easily hence it is quite important for you to put social buttons on your website. Social sharing is an amazing option for making your readers share if they like the content that is being published on your website.



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