Blog : Google Penalty! Recover Your Website from being Blacklisted

Google Penalty! Recover Your Website from being Blacklisted


Google Penalty! Recover Your Website from being Blacklisted

17-10-2020,    EvermolPro

In the world of digital marketing if a website gets the notification of being blacklisted by Google is the worst nightmare you can get. The online market is ever dominated by Search Engines. When an unsafe website is detected by Google it generally deindexes the website from the Search Engine Result Page. The worst part of that news is that your website is being hacked. Do you witness a sudden fall in the ranking of the website? To put it simply, Google might blacklist the site because it consider unsafe for visitors. To prevent this from happening you must know what are the ways that are needed to keep your website off Google’s blacklisted.

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What is Google Blacklist?

When the website is added to the Google blacklist it means that the various search engines are de-indexing the web pages of the website and marks the website unsafe for the visitors. It means that the website needs sudden care as it is being infected with certain malware. Sites that are hacked or infected with certain malware then Google sends you a warning that the users need protection from your site. If Google has detected any malicious object on your site, you and your visitors will be going to receive a warning saying “that your site may harm your computer”.  If you have been blacklisted by Google, one of the best sources which will be going to help from this is Google Webmaster Tools.

What makes Google that the website is unsafe for the visitors?

Google considers various aspects before making the website unavailable for visitors. Sometimes this happens due to certain algorithmic changes or due to security or other issues which needs to be fixed:

  • Malware or certain virus which may affect your host server or your computer or the network
  • Low-quality content is controversial in nature/ illegal content or content which is not original and violates the rules of copywriting.
  • Scammed pages
  • Redirecting to other web pages
  • Linking to other malicious or spam sites
  • Unclean sites where the keyword is over-optimized.


Common Signs of Google Penalty:


  • Sudden loss of organic search: Perhaps you are noticing a sudden downfall of the organic monthly search that was coming through the organic search channel. Before making any conclusions you should recheck that you run through some alternate scenarios.

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  1. Is the keywords that you chose loses it’s popularity? Run a deep analysis and check whether the keywords that you chose are contributing to the popularity of the website or not. See that if your marketplace simply shrunk.
  2. Is your content is seasonal in nature: A sudden change in the popularity of the business can be seen if your website is not producing the content which is expected by the visitors on a certain timeframe. For example, if you are carrying out a business of air conditioners then you may expect a slowdown in traffic during winters.


  • Sudden loss in Rankings: Penalized websites are going to witness a sudden drop in the rankings of the Goole Search Engine Result Pages or a drop in rankings will result in less search traffic.  Regardless of which one will come first, loss of either traffic or rankings will go to affect others sooner or later. If you suspect that your website is being penalized you can use SemRush or other SEO ranking checking tools to check how the rankings of your website have trended over time.

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  • Notification displayed for “manual action”: A quick, appropriate, and instant action is being needed by you if you are served with a manual penalty by Google in order to restore the various objections stated by Google and to adherer’s the best practices. Here are certain manual actions imposed by Google:

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  1. Unnatural links to/from your site: If you receive any manual action by Google then there are certain unnatural inbound or outbound links identified by Google, get rid of them as soon as possible by link detoxification as this will help you to get rid of the penalty imposed by Google, though it will likely be a long process.
  2. Hacked Site: This notification means that Google has detected any malicious code on your website which might cause threats to the confidential data stored in the hardware or the software of the computer. Remove all malicious code as soon as possible.
  3. Thin Content: Google had put restrictions on those sites which provide little information or value to the users. They may believe that the content you are publishing on your website is overly promotional or obtained from low-quality sources.
  4. Keyword Stuffing: If Google monitored that the website is overly stuffed with keywords aimed at optimizing the website for a particular keyword or phrase. You should take immediate action to remove instances of keyword stuffing.

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  • Not showing up in Google Search Results: A deindex site is the most severe action that is being taken by Google to penalize the site. If your site is old then it is one of the most alarming causes of concern that has to be deal with on time otherwise your site may be temporarily or permanently removed by Google.


Evermolpro is the best website designing company in Noida which always adheres to the rules and regulations that is imposed by Google and other Searcgh Engines. We always take care that the website should obey the guidelines and mark it’s relevancy on the search engine platform. Do you think that your site is penalized then our team is there to support you and help you out from getting your website blacklisted by Google.








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