Blog : Information Technology and it's implication on Business

Information Technology and it's implication on Business


Information Technology and it's implication on Business

06-07-2020,    EvermolPro

Technology plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of business units, it helps the industries to carry out their roles and responsibilities in the most desirable way. Over the years information technology had brought an explosion on commerce and trade. Technology helps the business units to perform their roles and responsibilities in the most efficient way. Technology supports every organization to maintain their integrity as well as provide security for all the important information that is stored inside the database of the company’s system. Technology is playing an important role in everyone’s life apart from individual it also supports communities, businesses as well as the nation itself. With the advent of the internet system the entire world can be connected with few simple clicks and information can be collected regarding anything and for everything.

Nowadays every company is having their own IT management department, their role is to retrieve the information from different sources and storing those in a database that can be used whenever required, apart from collecting and analyzing the major role that is playing played by IT management is to provide security to the data that is being stored inside the system hence IT helped the organization, managers as well as the employees in managing the process efficiently, inquiring about the problems that might be generated as well as finding the complexities which reduce the performance level of the employees apart from that IT increases the overall productivity of the business.

Role of Information Technology in Business:

A heavy impact is being seen after every business units are integrated with the IT system in their working process, various roles that are being played by IT are:

  • Builds up Communication system: For every organization, it is quite important to form a stable communication between the employees, suppliers as well as customers. IT simplifies the way to form communication by email, video calls, or social networking sites.


  • Managing Inventory: By using IT in inventory management organization can able to track the quantity of items that are being required by an organization, with the inventory management system identification can be made easily of the number of items a company maintains.


  • Customer Relationship Management: Apart from managing the entire working process of an organization IT plays an amazing role in developing a great relationship among the customers. Integrating technology along with the Customer Relationship Management system helps an organization in improving the design and the ways of managing customers.


  • Decision-making: IT enables an organization to make the decision by using tools such as ERP system, these software’s when integrated with the working management system it simplifies the complexities which might occur while making decisions, it helps the managers to see the performance of the organization and take corrective measures wherever required. These software’s presents a dashboard which provides information about an organization’s finances, inventories as well as a detailed profile regarding the organization’s customers.


  • Increase Security: IT when amalgamated with the company’s working system it acts like a protective shield to the information that is stored inside the database, it improves business security as well as reduce the risk of theft or loss of the company’s confidential information.


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