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What makes a good Logo?


What makes a good Logo?

04-09-2020,    EvermolPro

A company logo is the actual representation and identification of a company in the market. When it comes to choosing the right product or service a customer will always gauge into the logo of the business it tells about business value and how it serves its customers hence most of the business wants to create its business logo unique, remarkable, and engaging. All the giant and multinational companies had created a unique and memorable logo that already becomes a part of its culture.

A logo design is a basis on which you are keeping the foundation of your brand. It essentially plays an important role in how you are capable enough in making your business memorable. A logo precisely conveys the brand message and how it is going to serve its customers. It creates a link to establishing a relationship between the business and its customers. It also conveys the purpose of creating a brand and the company’s identity as well. A unique logo is more than an artwork. A business logo is typically a graphic image that has a brand name and supports it. A well-designed business logo is the easiest way to convey to your customers that your business trustworthy, potential and provides quality goods and services.

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What is the logo website concept and how it is crucial while designing a website?

A logo defines brand entity, service, products, and the services that are being offered. It is a graphic symbol that should be unique and memorable which will enable the brand to stand out from the crowd and become the best players in their relative industry. A great logo is a multipurpose tool that can be used not only in websites but also in the various print sections of promoting products or services.

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What is Quality Logo?

A qualitative approach is being used while designing a logo for the website, before you start designing an emblem for your brand you have to arrange all the respective ideas as well as elements which is being used while creating the business logos. We have to list various properties which are used wisely for a good logo:

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  • Readability: The typography that is being used while designing a business logo should be easy to read. Avoid using elaborate and intricate font style while designing a business logo.

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  • Uniqueness: A business logo reflects the foundation and the idea behind establishing your brand hence the emblem should be quite unique and distinctive which draws attention and make the brand stand ahead among its competitors. A unique corporate logo is a key asset for every business enterprise. One can take inspiration from various giant industry that is collectively working well in their arena.


  • Longevity: While designing a business logo it is quite important for every business enterprise that they have to keep their logo according to the trends in the global world of technology. It is quite important to make the logo live longer till decades. One should always put their footprints behind to keep the brand recognizable as well as memorable.

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  • Simplicity: A well-designed logo should always be kept simple and straight-forward as it reflects the business values and the ideas by eliminating unnecessary elements.


  • Scalability: To look good in different screens and platforms, the logo should be created in such a manner that it can fit for a different purposes. You should always save your image in vector format so that it can be adjusted accordingly.

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How to choose color why designing a logo?

A logo color will determine how your audience is taking your business hence while choosing the color for a logo avoids using different colors rather than pick only two different shades while filling it with color. Try to communicate your business identity by using two different shades.

Why Logo is important for business?

  • It reveals your identity: A logo when imprinted on the business cards, products or websites will communicate your brand message among your competitors as well as your customers. It tells the potential customers what your business deals with, products and services being offered as well as the benefits they are going to give to their customers. It ensures that people will end up getting the services that they want from you and not lesser than that. Choosing the right logo design will eliminate the customer’s confusion regarding their decision about choosing a particular brand. A good design logo will increase brand reputation among the customers. It not only help you in increasing your brand recognition but it will help you in targeting and revealing your audience and help customers in finding you out wherever you are on the web

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  • Help you in inviting your customers to get you to know: People love to get attracted to colors and designs hence a business logo will going to play a major role in attracting customers toward the brand. A logo will mark your website and help you in drawing interest as well as increase curiosity among the customers to know more about the brand, products, and services you are offering to them.

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  • Distinguish you from your competitors: A website logo will help you in demarcating yourself among your competitors. It acts as a weapon and supports you in moving ahead among your competitors. A good logo reflects who you are and distinguish you from your competitors. It should always be noted before creating a website that the logo should be different from others and it should contain something different from others.

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  • Serves Brand Loyalty: A recognizable and identifiable logo will help you in increasing your brand loyalty in a long way. Placing your logo on the website will help you in marketing, social media marketing as well as advertising your brand and your message consistently.

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A logo is a cornerstone for every business enterprise it gives a corporate identity among your competitors as well as customers. It helps the business to reflect their values and ideas behind your brand. With the online marketing flourishing website logos are playing crucial role while designing corporate websites.





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