Blog : How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing?

How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing?


How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing?

17-08-2020,    EvermolPro

While making a strategy on how to invest budget on marketing it is quite important for small businesses to choose the correct medium, it is vital to spend the budget in the right direction and making the most out of it. By getting clarity on digital marketing and traditional form of marketing aspect one can easily get the idea which marketing approach will be appropriate and how it should be applied. Running a successful business is not about choosing the appropriate market or promoting the right form of product or services, it is also about finding out the right kind of marketing techniques which is being used in order to reach the target audience and converting them into potential buyers.

We all are aware that how the marketing trends are changing in today’s era of technology. People are likely to get themselves shifted in digital way of gaining information, the marketers are now promoting the products and services on digital platforms as these platforms are likely to get accessed by the human population nowadays. The reason why digital marketing has taken over the traditional form of marketing as it produces higher returns and converts potential customers into leads.. Digital marketing and digital form of promotion is the easiest and the most convenient way to grab the attention of the customers easily.

In this blog we are likely to share ten most important and head to head difference between traditional and digital form of marketing:

  • Target Audience: In digital form of marketing marketers can easily target the audience globally and across the world with the help of digital tools and platforms which is confined to get restricted in traditional form of marketing as a traditional form of marketing refers to reaching out the audience locally there is a hindrance which might occur to promote the products or services across the boundaries of the country in traditional form of marketing.

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  • Marketing approach: In the digital form of marketing physical approach of the marketers is not important which is quite important in the traditional form of marketing. In digital marketing, the marketers can easily reach infinite numbers of audience in a short span of time whereas the marketers have to make a person to person relationship informing the public and promoting the brand name.

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  • Documentation: As the name itself pinpoint digital, in digital marketing the marketers can provide the soft copies of the documents to the consumers over the websites or the videos and in traditional form of marketing marketers will going to provide the hard copies of the information related to products or the services which are being provided by them.

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  • Interaction with customers: It is quite easy and time-saving when marketers are going to interact with consumers by taking the support of digital media, it is quite inexpensive and easiest form while interacting with customers and replying them with their queries by using the digital tool of communication wherein another hand less interaction is being established in traditional form of marketing.


  • Marketing Cost: In digital form of marketing goods or services a less amount of budget is required as everything is online and the use of social websites needs no extra cost, not even a penny. In the traditional form of marketing, a huge amount of money is being required as it involves printing and radio/ television advertisement for advertising the goods or services,


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