Blog : Why Have a Mobile Friendly Website. .?

Why Have a Mobile Friendly Website. .?


Why Have a Mobile Friendly Website. .?

11-01-2021,    EvermolPro

Have you ever thought, how much time do you spend online everyday..? Out of that, how much time you spend online using a mobile device..?

Almost all people spend most of their online time, on a mobile device, such as a smart phone or a tablet.

Why do people love using these devices so much? Have you asked this question to yourself ? If you did, you might have a got a common answer that everyone would get.

People love mobile devices so much because it’s portable, Yes, it’s handy, can fit into anywhere. It even can be carried by your hand. Takes up a small space. This small rectangular device can connect you with all your digital connections only with your fingertips. Even if you’re out on a picnic, you can easily handle your work with mobile device. Even children seems to be so much dependent on these devices nowadays.

These devices has become a more necessity to everyone, starting from teenage children, to working professionals, to even old people

Smartphones connect you with internet and thus, connects you with the whole world, just by a mere touch.

It’s amazing, isn’t it..?

A research said that, 25% of all smartphone owners do most of their online browsing on their mobile phone. (Source: Pew Research Centre).

And that, more than 50% of the total website traffic comes from mobile devices.

Now, what does these all things imply?

Your website needs to be responsive to mobile device. In short, it needs to be mobile friendly.

Now you may think, what exactly is a mobile friendly website? What does it means?

A mobile friendly website is when your regular website is designed so as to shrink down to be fit enough to display on a mobile device or screen. It is like a tiny version of your website. The navigation buttons become larger, the content gets formatted, and images appear in a differently optimized manner in a mobile website. Earlier, it was so much difficult to execute this. Even, companies needed to launch two websites for different platforms. But now with the system developed, with modern technologies, it can be easily done. The same website can be designed in a mobile friendly way or as it is called in a ‘responsive’ design, to or operated on every kind of device.

What are the benefits of using responsive design :-

It attracts more web traffic.

It improves bounce rate, because it is more user friendly.

It attracts higher ranking in the search engine.

People mostly use a mobile device to buy things online. Thus it increases sales.

Provides better User Experience (UX).

It can be more cost effective. Because, there is no longer any need to design two different websites.

With a responsive design your users get a single URL for your content, no matter if they use it on desktop or a mobile device. This makes it easier for them to interact with your website or to even share the URL.

But before launching your mobile friendly responsive website, you need to check few things. Review these things before the final launching :

How does it look both on a website and a mobile device. Make sure if it fits properly and none of your content get formatted in a way to not be visible.

The site loading speed should be fast in both a desktop and mobile.

It should be easy to get back to the homepage.

Your website should have a search bar option and it should be easily visible.

Make a sitemap on your homepage to make it easy to navigate for the customers.

These things when reviewed ensures you of making no mistakes before launching your responsive website.

Hope this guide helped in a way or more to understand the significance of a mobile Friendly responsive website. Our company designs the best ever websites which are responsive in design including all other important features that can make you reach new digital heights. Contact us for any queries.

Thank you for being here.


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