Blog : How to sell products through social media??

How to sell products through social media??


How to sell products through social media??

29-11-2020,    EvermolPro

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest and even many more. Specifically the first three...!

You must have heard these terms if you’re dwelling on Earth. And if you are a caveman and don’t know what they are, then let us enlighten you with it.

These are the most used social media platforms these days. Even kids know how to operate these social media platforms and the youth love to get into limelight using these platforms. Some people show off their talents, such as dancing, cooking, fitness, travelling, and even gaming through these mediums, while some make their income through these, by digital marketing, also know as online marketing or social media marketing.

Vast amount of people are on these platforms for various reasons. Most of the people use Facebook to connect to their near and dears, Instagram to share their amazing photographs or other talents through pictures and videos. And YouTube to create a channel to monetize their talent and get famous for the same.

Selling products online through social media has become very common in the current days. May it be any function in the near days or even in the future, we are found browsing clothes, jewellery or any other essentials online. Even medications, tutoring, different courses, hobby development trainings are available online these days.

Anyways, when it comes to selling products online, we need to build a very good knowledge on networking and interacting in a very creative way with the consumers, so as to meet the competition level. There are thousands of services or markets available on social media, and if you wish to stand out among them, then you ought to have a creative mind, good communication skills, writing skills, audio and video developing skills and so on.

Facebook now has a separate icon for marketplace, where we can find any products, from clothing, jewelry, medicines to house on rent. People are using these social media platforms to make their daily life easy, by buying and selling products and services online.

The first impression the consumers get is through good quality picture illustrations. Then you need to make sure to give a very clear product description, along with the price.

Reasonable prices and discounts attract customers, so don’t forget to implement these methods to get a good sale.

If you have a separate website for selling your products or services, then do promote your website on every social media platform.

Some important points to keep in mind :-

  •  Keep your target audience in mind. Be where they are. Try to find out where your target audience is much active and work on it. You can’t just sign in on Facebook and wait for your audience to get to you.


  • Work with Influencers. A research said that around 40% of people made a purchase after seeing the influencer's post. Make them tell about engaging details on your products and share discount codes. This definitely works on their fans, cause they trust them. You can also make them give reviews on your product or an how-to tutorial.


  • Most of the people tend to check the ratings and reviews of the product by other people. This give them the assurance to make the purchase. Thus ask your customers to place a review and rate the product or upload photos of the product and mention how they like it after the purchase.


  • You can upload tutorials on how to use your products or other details on it. Create some creative and engaging content on your niche even if not about your products to keep them glued. For example, if you sell menstrual hygiene products, then create content on women, on their rights, relatable videos, memes for them. This way you can make some loyal and regular customers, who’ll always love to buy your things and they may even end up recommending other about your service.


  • There’s no gain without investing in a business. Yes, you definitely can grow organically but if you want to grow your audience and boost your reach you’ll have to invest in social media advertising and through paid promotion. Almost every social media platforms provide paid promotion to boost your reach to wide group of people all around. And you can also contact some agencies which will help you do this by contacting and promoting your products on some famous pages or channels.


  • Make the process simple. If you make them go through too many processes before making them purchase it’s going to kill their interest in buying it.


  • Social media marketing can be very easy and fun to do if you’re really creative and love to engage with your customers, relating to their needs. And strive to give a complaint free service

So these were some tips on social media marketing. How many of these rules you follow..? And if you have any other tips to share, comment down. We’d love to hear.

Thank you for reading till here.

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