Blog : Some useful tips for creating single-page website that works

Some useful tips for creating single-page website that works


Some useful tips for creating single-page website that works

29-10-2020,    EvermolPro

Creating a one-page website will help you to add your brand name to the world wide web dictionary and let you to mark your territory in the virtual world of technology. These websites are economically efficient in nature and they don’t need an integration of payment gateways, API, and other advanced features. If you are looking for a fresh approach for establishing your business on a virtual platform then one-page website is going to be the best option. One-page websites are having a great approach on creating a memorable experience for the visitors. Smart choice related to advance web design will reduce the time as well as effort that is being made to find the related information which is being asked for.

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What is one-page website?

The one-page website is the form of website where the visitor can only single page website that utilizes just one HTML page. Most of the businesses like the one-page website as it makes them to save their time which is probably being wasted to create the traditional website apart from this no such amount is being spent in creating a one-page website. As a one-page website is design-driven you can easily get the draft copy of the website which enables you to be more concise about the services or the products you are offering and made you to practice the skills which will help you to bring clarity about the products and service descriptions. You will be pleased to know those one-page websites aren’t very difficult to create. With the help of a one-page website designers can able to distract the mind of visitors instantly, by using white space, shorter snippets of text, soothing color palettes will definitely add a bonus to your entire designing.

In this blog we are like to share some of the useful tips which will enable your website to reach the level of success:

  • It is a path which makes you visit your website and deliver the brand message: A multi-page website actually kills the overall web structure hence by using single-page website will let you to communicate with your audience more passionately as will help you to deliver the story of your brand. The information that you have put into the traditional form of website will now easily be edited down into a one-page website. Make sure to keep a sticky navigation bar present all time so as to make your visitors know how much content is left to read out.

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  • Opt for non-traditional navigation so as to make a memorable experience: While making the web structure these two patterns are always being used:


1) Firstly, the brand logo is on the left, navigation link on the right

2) Secondly, the logo on the left, and menu storing the navigation on the right( for better mobile and desktop experience)


There is a number of reasons why visitors find this layout beneficial. The comfort of using the navigation bar on the right is considered to be creating a memorable experiences among the users. By using a one-page website you can easily break this myth so long of keeping the navigation ever presentable and easy to use.


  • Tell your story which is visually impactful: One of the problems that has to face while creating a website on WordPress is that you have to always think about on how to design the web structure of the website and how the design decisions affect the speed of getting the best rank on Search Engine Result Page. Once the code is optimized it is highly critical to deal with the result. But when your website consists of one page it is not difficult to deal with the images, if your brand has a strong visual identity then a one-page website will going to be the best option to tell the story of your business to the visitors which will create a strong impact on the mind of the audience. Just remember to keep a balance between the text and the images that you are using it on your website.

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  • Turn your complex business ideas into something which is easy to understand: When a company is dealing with some complicated products or services then they have to prepare their business strategies according to the understanding ability of the audience. Avoid using complex business jargon while creating the content of the website. A one-page website will let you simplify the most complex solutions. Try to give your audience advanced solutions and explain how your business works. If your audience wants to know more about the results than how you actually perform your marketing activities then try to focus more on creating well-planned content that will attract the attention of them.

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  • Try to attract leads in every stage of sales funnel: With the single-page website you can easily segment your leads according to the various stage of sales funnel. It will help you to attract leads and make them to convert to potential customers. The top section of the website must be introductory in nature which will enable the visitors to get the information about which they are asking about. The below section will let you to drill down to the remaining questions which might be asked by the visitors.

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