Blog : What to know before launching my website?

What to know before launching my website?


What to know before launching my website?

24-12-2020,    EvermolPro

Earning using Ecommerce is a modern way of making a successful career. Digital marketing has reached new levels nowadays, and still rising day by day with increasing popularity, being more reliable, creative field, and proving itself to be a great career option for many.

In any type of business, may it be a small shop or an online super market, or any service providing app, “Communication is the key”


And in digital marketing, the only form of communication is through your website. The content you publish there, represents what services you provide, and why they should choose you, over thousand other such companies. Your website becomes the medium through which you create a impression on your clients or target audience, in order to grow and achieve your goals. The more strong your relationship with your customers, the more they’ll rely on you to thus, help you to rank up amongst the top marketers of your field. It all lies in the communication you make with them.

Thus, to do so, you need a great website, which should fulfil all the needs to create a good impression of your company or organization as well as to be ranked up by the search engine.

Make sure to design an user friendly and accessible website, so as to attract traffic and make the customers like your website, to spend more time there. That matters a lot in order to rank up on Google or any search engine.


Let’s see a list of 5 most important things you should know before you launch your website.

1. The Designer And Developer – if you have designed your website from any random person, then there are chances you may not get to your goals. So, design your website and develop it by a professional web designing and development company with expert developers. The design should be attract to look. The website must be SEO friendly, responsive, and with good navigation. Make sure to check out if it is compatible with all type of browsers.

2. Take a review – Check everything again before you launch your website. Review carefully all the content on your site, making sure there’s no problem and everything is right. Proofread your content to check if its error free. Check out any image or video that it’s not copied and can be used, also make sure it loads properly. Check your site on a laptop, a mobile device and also. A tablet to know if you’re satisfied of how it looks and navigate.

3. Back up – No one wants to loose their data. And specially if it’s regarding your business. There may be very private and discrete information that should not go to someone else, which may cause you some great loss. Sometimes due to a silly mistake, you may lose all your important data and files. This is why back up is important. It gives, your site a security and you, peace of mind.

4. Use SEO rich content – make sure to run a proper research on keywords that are going to attract the traffic for your website. Make your content high quality and use proper tags and keywords after good research. Use proper descriptions, unique meta tags. Check out if there’s any broken link on your site which may cause a decrease in your web traffic. Check out all the URLs used to make sure if everything sounds good.

5. Web Analytics – keep an eye on the analytics of your website. Install Google Analytics to track your analytics. It does gives you a proper insight on how much traffic you get, at what time, and what do your audience like and dislike. Which type of content you need to provide them that will increase you performance and rank you up. This gives you an overall view of how to run your website.

So that was it.. Hope you got a clear view of what to do before launching your website. Make sure to follow all these important steps to avoid any hassle in the future.

Our company, Evermolpro, designs the best and cost effective websites for you which will help you reach new limits and have a great digital marketing experience. Contact for any kind of queries or suggestions. We’d be glad to help.

Feel free to contact us for any queries.Thank you for being here.

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