Blog : How does website designing affects SEO ??

How does website designing affects SEO ??


How does website designing affects SEO ??

14-12-2020,    EvermolPro

Does website designing affects SEO...? 

Yes, website designing surely affects SEO. How? 

Let’s see. This article is going to answer all of your confusion on these above mentioned questions.

Poor web design results in poor SEO which leads to the downfall of the rank of your site. Thus, it’s very 
important to design an SEO friendly website. 

Let us now know how does it affect and how can we prevent that...!

Web design affect SEO in various approaches :

• Page speed – page speed is literally, one of the most important feature Google notices to rank your website. Your customers also gets affected by that. A slow loading site and a slow page speed results in the disinterest of your customers. And they might never want to visit your page again. This directly affects your business line. A fast loading page generates an interest in the consumers and makes them wanting to visit your page regularly. Your website may have become slow due to heavy usage of images and unnecessary plugins and other unnecessary stuff. 

• The navigation structure – the navigation of your website have a effect on almost everything,starting from your web traffic to your ranking in search engines. You need to create a good navigation structure. If your customers doesn’t find a way of where to go next, they’re going to just leave and never come back. You need to create a simple main menu categorizing everything. You can also add by creating a site map clearly mentioning the URLs. It does look like a very simple thing but it have a great affect and you may loose your customers only because of this silly mistake. 

• Images – using a lot of images may hamper with the site loading time of your website and may result in the downfall in the rank of your site. Images are used by every other site to make the page look good and attractive and to increase engagement rate, but its overuse may create bad consequences. Make sure to use copyright free images and in a compressed form, by properly using the keywords for it. 

• Heading tags – its like a small trailer of what information or services your website offers. This helps the users or customers take a glance on the content provided by you. Make sure to use proper keywords finalized by proper research. Try using attractive tags that seems catchy and suddenly grabs the attention of the customer and they might end up using your website and also getting their service done by your site.

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• Pop-ups – anyone would get annoyed if he/she is looking for some information and as soon as enters a site gets interrupted by a pop-up or an ad. This can be a bad influence on your customers. If you need to show the pop ups than it’s suggested to minimize the size and exit intended pop-ups. 

• Design and UX – last but not the least and the most important is the user experience (UX) of the site. The bounce rate and the time an user spend on your site sends positive signal to Google that users like your page and find ut informative, thus it starts ranking your site on the search engine result page (SERP). Make sure that you provide quality content and meet the 
requirements of the users, satiating their queries. Thus this was a guide on how your website’s design may affect your SEO. Make sure to keep these points and tips on your mind while designing your website.You can get your website designed with all the trending designs and developments by evermolpro

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