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Website designing and development.


Website designing and development.

06-12-2020,    EvermolPro

Cooking is to be done before eating. Isn’t it..? It’s the same with digital marketing. Before you start earning online you first need to design a website with the best developing features to start your business or your work using e-commerce.

E-commerce is one of the trending platform to earn nowadays and to start using it to earn your living, you need the foundation- i.e. the website which is going to be the platform for you.

Website designing is the process through which we design a user friendly website, which is easily accessible and is optimized with on page SEO, mobile optimized and looks attractive and aesthetically pleasant


It is done by professional designers and developers.

Things to keep in mind while designing and developing a website –

1. Choosing a designer – if your designer has no knowledge on how to design your website for well and good, it’s not going to help you in any way, rather causing loss. So make sure to choose a good website designing and development company before giving your livelihood on anyone’s hand.

2. SEO – it is the most important thing that’s ignored by many. SEO is the main stream to get traffic on your website. It is the optimization you do with your content that makes them rank higher in the search engine indexes and shows your website on the top of an Search engine result page (SERP) . Keep in mind to design a SEO friendly site.

3. Domain name – this helps you rank in the search engine. A good domain name is the base point. For example, if you deal with a website on flowering and have your domain as something else, it’s not going to rank in your niche. You can keep your domain name as or something like that , which is related to your niche or a keyword related to your niche.

4. Layout and colour – As what we see creates a first impression on our mind. So if your website is not looking attractive, has a dull colour, old and boring fonts, an outdated layout, your audience is not going to be pleased, even if your content quality is good. Many of your audience will not even read the content and just switch to another site. It’s very important to have a trendy layout and a pleasant looking attractive Website.

5. Mobile friendly – don’t forget to make your website mobile friendly because that is from where you get most of the traffic from. Google gives importance to responsive websites.

6. Quality content – only good looks is not going to get you customers. It’s only for attracting the attention but the customers contact you or work with you or buys your products and services only if your content is of high quality. If you have a monotonous content no one is even going to read it to the full. So make sure to keep your content engaging to the audience.

7. Put your visitors first – don’t give pushy or tacky Content that only imply your profit. Tell them how your product or services are going to help them. And your services is what they are looking for. Build a good customer relationship and stand up on their trust.

8. Navigation – If your website seems difficult to use or navigate then your audience may go back and even never return back. Therefore keep it in mind to develop a website with good navigation feature. Add a site mao to help it. Its one of the way to do the same.

9. Images – or stock images, don’t forget to make sure from where they are coming from. Though they look good and attract yiur customer’s attention it can also lead to problems if you use images without permission. Before using any images from a site don’t forget to get their permission and pay the applicable fees, if any. There are also certain sites which provide copyright free images. Don’t fall into any problem like this. It may result in penalties by Google or even delete your content from the SERP.

So these were the list of 9 things to keep in mind while designing or developing a website. Our company provides the best website designing and development services. Contact for more information.

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