Blog : How a website is built?

How a website is built?


How a website is built?

17-07-2020,    EvermolPro

Being a web designer it is quite essential to strategize the entire process of building a website, as creating a website needs a proper segmentation on how to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Evermolpro along with its dedicated team creates impressive and attractive websites for their clients since last 5 years and now they are counted among the best website designing company in Noida and Ghaziabad

You are probably pretty much excited after creating the first draft of the website for your client, there are plenty lot of things to be monitored while creating websites there are many steps that are required to be followed while creating a website, in this blog we are likely to share the steps for creating a website in detail.

Steps to be followed to create a website:

  • Managing expectations of the clients: It is quite important to manage the expectations of the clients  whether you are simply maintaining the existing website or creating a new one, it is the primary responsibility for a web designer to understand the requirement of the project in detail as well as help the clients to know the scope as well as the budget that is being required while creating a website


  • Defining Goals: Secondly, a web designer should always know the objectives as well as the underlying goals of the business for whom the website is being created, by setting up the goals it will help the web designer to frame the overall structure of the website as well as content that is going to included after implementing the features into the website. When managing expectations it is quite important to lean with easy to use project management system and keep track of defined goals, budgets, tasks and schedules.


  • Framing the structure of the website: The structure forms the backbone of the website, a web designer creates the sitemap of the website which is crucial for managing the content it is quite important to update the changes in the sitemap so that the things will not get messy afterwards. After creating the sitemap a proper wireframe is going to be designed to put the features and graphics according to the sitemap, wireframes creates the placeholders for the website where various plugins and contents are going to be placed.


  • Design & Production: After the wireframe is going to get finalized the step towards creating the website is the implementation of the coherent features. After the client approval of the design drafts, the next step is to efficiently use the colors and combine those with effective features to create an effective web graphics. the production stage comes where the entire website is being created, here the individual graphic element is being created and later being used to create the actual, functional site.


  • Testing, collecting feedback and fixing the issues: The final step leads to testing the website where the actual development of the website will going to take place. Testing helps you to know the loopholes of the website which will lead to improper functioning while attracting the visitors. Once the website is being launched a lot of visitors will going to visit the website and start using the website and will provide feedback to the site.


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