Blog : How website analysis is being done?

How website analysis is being done?


How website analysis is being done?

15-07-2020,    EvermolPro

Just like a human body needs proper care as well as analysis if certain ailments are being seen in the same way a website proper functioning is being required to make it ahead of other competitors in the market and this can be made possible by analyzing the website by using certain tools and techniques. Website analysis is an integral part of on-page technique where a proper audit is being carried out by the professionals. In this blog we are likely to share how a website analysis is being done and what are the process and the procedure which has to be undertaken regarding how to attract the traffic towards the search engine as well as making strategies to increase the audience as well as the ROI that is being generated after selling the products or the services.


An in-depth page speed analysis as well as a proper SEO audit is the two most important factor that has to be done while carrying a website analysis, to make your website stand ahead from your competitors you should know how to conduct a full website audit which includes Search Engine Optimization, website speed, competitive analysis and much more.

How to do a Website Analysis?

Many of the blogs will let you know how to collect the tactical data which is being required for conducting the analysis but this is actually only a part of website analysis which helps you to gain information and the data about how a website is performing but it doesn’t cover the rest of the metrics which are far important that has to be seen while carrying the process of website analysis and it includes the following

  • Set and understand the goals of carrying the analysis
  • How to collect the data/ information to make sense out of it
  • Effective solutions that are being required to improve the performance of the website
  • Continuous modification is required to optimize the website


A 4-step checklist is being recommended by us to carry the process of website analysis, lets talk about this in brief:


  • Strategize your intention or goals: It is quite important for an organization to know the objectives as well your intention that why you need an analysis of your website, every website should have a purpose behind running a business on the virtual platform, the underlying intention determines the approach towards carrying the analysis as well as what is the software that you will need to get it done.


  • Map out your ideal website journey: Before carrying out the website analysis it is quite important to know how you are going to align the web pages together, a proper screening has to be done which includes the first step i.e. Google search results upto the last step i.e. filling out the form in the landing page, it includes every page where the visitors are going to visit, every small conversions that leads to conversions and take them further through the sales funnel.


  •  Analyze what is actually happening: In this step, you have to analyze the various aspects where proper measures have to be taken to rectify the faults which leads to improper functioning of the website. It is also the step where the process varies according to the type of analysis you are doing.


  • Comparing the reality and identifying the causes as well as finding the solution: In this step identifying the ideal solution as well as what is happening right now in your website is being analyzed, the final step leads to find out the discrepancies as well as how you can fix it is being discussed.

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