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The Hows and Whys of Navigation


The Hows and Whys of Navigation

05-01-2021,    EvermolPro

Suppose, you need something, you went to a big super mart and then felt completely lost there. There are no signboards locating different categories or stalls. You’ve no idea where to go, where to find what, and what you need next...!

You’ll feel completely lost. Isn’t it..?

But if there are department locators, signboards, they work like maps, or make navigation easier.


The similar thing can be applied in your professional life. A well designed, attractive website but with no navigation or poor navigation is equal to having no website at all. All the decorum and development has no value, if the customer feels lost on your website. Even though the customer likes your service or content, he won’t know where to go next. Completely directionless...!

A well designed website doesn’t only include good graphics, fonts and templates. But it must be loaded with other important features such as SEO friendly, responsive, and having proper navigation. The customer might exit your website or worse may never return to you or your services if your site doesn’t provide proper navigation. The time period that the client spend on your site also matters. Thus, make sure to guide the user to the end so that he turns into one of your trusted client or customer.

This helps better communication with the customer. They get to know your company well and the website is the only medium of communication any digital marketing company can establish with their customers.

Now, you might have understood the significance of website navigation.

Let us give you a few tips and guide towards the above mentioned topic.

The website and moreover your homepage must give a clear view about what your company is and what services you offer. It must answer all the general queries of an user when entering any website. Such as, what services can they get from you, why they should choose you over others, and how strongly can they trust you for the target service.

Have a navigation menu giving them information about your Company Services, Contact, Products and Blogs. These are the minimum and must have navigation widgets.

Keep the language and terminology simple. Your usage of difficult terms might confuse the visitors and make them clueless about what you’re trying to communicate. Try to keep the language of your website a common one, the one that’s mostly know to all. For example English. But, if your website targets any specific audience then you may use the required language.

Does your customer know about the important content on your website..? Thus your home page must include a site map to your website, containing all the links to your recently uploaded contents, your most popular contents, and the most important contents. You can also use Google Analytics to check the bounce rate on your website. Having proper navigation has a good effect on it and your business will definitely grow if the customers find your website reliable.

Remember and follow these steps for a proper and rich navigation on your website. Make it easy and at the same time effective for your customers. And then see, the company-customer relationship build to a next level and your career growing in digital marketing. Proper navigation is what everyone needs, both at a website and in life. And that was it for this guide.

Hope, it cleared your view on everything about website navigation. We design such feature rich websites ay a very affordable cost effective way. Contact us for designing and development of your website and make your digital marketing experience an astounding one. Reach the heights with our strategies. We’d be more than glad to help you in any way we can.

Thank you for being here.

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