Privacy- Policy

A privacy policy is a legal term which enables the entity or the owner of the website to collect information regarding the user and use them for prior communication, but before collecting the information one should always keep in mind that an individual’s identity shouldn’t harmed in any way. According to Indian amendment Act , an individual should not be forced to give away their personal information if they are not likely to give it, they can simply visit the website, collect the information and leave the site at their own choice. When an individual visit a website the first thing that popup onto their screen is a form which asks them to fill certain information which might be personal or non-personal in nature. Filling a form is the primary and the simplest way to gather information about the visitors and also their preference regarding the services or the products they likely to purchase. The visitors can visit the site anonymously without sharing their personal information; the owner of the website can only collect the information if they voluntarily submit it at their own choice.

The basic reason to collect information about the visitors is:

  • 1) To know the taste and preference of the customers.
  • 2) We, the owner of the website collectively know how the users are using the products by simply getting the reviews or the feedback given by them.
  • 3) The information that is given by the customers helps us to improve and enhance the quality of the products or the services offered by us.
  • 4) The information also helps in improving the quality of the website.
  • 5) It helps in further promotion of related products and services.

But prior to this the owner of the website should always keep in mind that the information that is being shared by the visitors shouldn’t be used in other misleading activities, the email id’s that is being provided by the customers should only be used when any information or updates related to the services or the products has to be send, if they want to unsubscribe them from the mailing list further guidance should be given by the website. A proper instruction should be given via mail or by simply contacting by the information given by the site.

We adopt various policies and procedures on how to safeguard the information that is being provided to us, we take due care that any personal information related to password, user identification or any other information related to transaction should not be altered or disclosed from our site. Our databases are highly secured and all the information that is being kept inside it is only being known to the trustworthy officials of our organization. We only share statistical and demographic information to our partners or affiliate associates. Each and every websites were having their own policies regarding how to keep their database in a secured position, one can update the policies if any other amendment is being passed by the Cyber Security Law.

Evermolpro is always committed to safeguard the information which is being shared by the visitors and make use of those only when any online activities has to be taken place. This privacy policy is designed in such a way that it helps our visitors to know how we are carrying our business activities as well as it makes them to decide whether they want to share their personal credentials or not.